Frontline Costello. Ken Costello had long developed a comprehensive and coherent package of components to transform the MGB, complementing the Sprite and Midget conversions created by Frontline, and in 2001 these two long-established, highly regarded MG tuning businesses joined forces.

Wildcat Engineering. Creators of the ultimate Rover-based V8s. Manufacturers and suppliers of bespoke cylinder heads, multi-port injection manifolds and a host of other high quality components. Wildcat 5 litre road engines deliver 350 real, tractable horsepower and race engines of up to 6 litres produce as much as 700 horsepower.

Clive Wheatley. Recommended for V8 conversion work using Frontline Costello components. Also suppliers of quality V8 and RV8 parts.

JE Developments. Nobody knows more about tuning the standard Rover V8 than John Eales. He also supplies part or fully built engines, inlet manifolds and bell housings.

Speedy Cables. For instrument repair, rebuilding and recalibration. The company also supplies custom made speedometer cables.

Peter Best Insurance : Writes the MG Car Club insurance and offers discounted rates and agreed values to Costello owners.

Real Steel. Stockists of every possible part you might need to rebuild your V8 to almost any specification you wish - and a good source of helpful advice.

PJM Motors. Manufacturers of a full range of good quality interior trim for classic cars - including MGB roadsters and GTs - in leather, cloth or vinyl, to original or upgraded specifications.

Uroglas. Very knowledgable specialist glass suppliers who can even provide relatively affordable heated windscreens for both roadsters and GTs. Beats the standard demister system every time.

MGB Hive. Helpful stockists of a range of both new and second hand MGB parts and happy to dig around to find you exactly what you want.


Links to various MG clubs around the world, especially to those who have helped Lawrence in his search for other Costello owners and their cars:

MG Owners Club. The MGOC can also supply Frontline Costello components and the club's technical guru, Roger Parker, who has worked with Ken over the years (particularly on fuel injection), is an unsurpassed font of knowledge on all things MGB. He has an MGB V8 himself, and although it is all his own work, he has chosen to fit - and recommends - Costello front and rear suspension upgrades. He hopes to bring his much-prized machine to next year's gathering.

BritishV8 Magazine is arguably the world's biggest and best resource for enthusiasts of V8-powered and modified British sports cars.



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