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Browse the collection of GT and Roadster restoration projects to learn more about the various projects being undertaken. In time, all of them will eventually be up and running and back on the road where they belong.

Owners are encouraged to submit updates and photographs to the site, detailing progress on their projects. Contributors may then learn from each other and can also participate in technical discussions on the Forum.

Listed below are all the remaining Costellos known to exist today. Of the 225 or so built by Costello Engineering, few more than 60 have so far been traced worldwide. For ease of navigation they have been collated into four categoriesóclick on the relevant image to see the list of cars in more detail.

Listed here are all the known remaining Costello Roadsters. Only about 35 of the cars built by Ken and his team were roadsters, which makes them rare indeed; and remember that when BLMC got round to producing their own MGB V8, none of them were roadsters. Most of the Costello roadsters are the Mk II version, without the bonnet bulge. However, there are a few Mk I models and some Mk III fuel-injected cars from the 1990s. More pictures of each car can be found in the Roadsters Gallery.

Of the 225 cars built by Ken and his team, about 190 were GTs, in either Mk I or Mk II guise. The Mk I is instantly recognisable by its bonnet bulge, or if still with original engine, the swan-neck inlet manifold with twin-SU carburettors. The Mk II was usually fitted with a rear-facing Weber carburettor which eliminated the need for a bonnet bulge. The Mk II is by far the most common of the two types of GT.

There are other versions of the Costello GT - such the MGC V8 (only 2 were built by Costello ó see Andrew Johnson's car) and Roger Cook's unique 5-litre, eight-port injected model. More pictures of each car can be found in the GTs Gallery.


Listed in this section are Costellos which have taken part in domestic competition, either in series racing, hill-climbing, sprinting, trials, auto-tests and even drag racing.



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