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Via this site, Ken has been kind enough to answer owners' technical queries, and may well do so in future too. His answers to initial emailed questions appear later. However, Ken's presence at our Inaugural Gathering in September 2009 meant that a number of further questions were answered 'live'. Some queries were raised by more than one owner.

These three sections provide detailed answers. Topics include: Brake upgrades, wheel and tyre options, radiator expansion tanks, starter motors, headlamp upgrades, distributors, Mk III fuel injection installation, MGC V8s, Weber 500cfm /40/45DCOE and SU carburettor settings, fuel pumps and exhaust manifolds.

TechTalk with Ken

The answers that appear here are more detailed versions of those given in person at the Inaugural Gathering in September 2009.

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This is a fabulous conversion originally carried out by Ken in 1990 and merits a sub-section of its own. The 'how do I do it?' question was posed during the Gathering and is answered here in much greater detail than Ken was able to provide without prior notice on the day.

Some of these questions were submitted via e-mail in 2008 whilst the website was still a fledgling operation. They too are now answered more fully, as are a number of more recent queries.