— — 2014 News ——

12 December: French Gathering for 2015 Announced!

Now confirmed is the 11th running of the almost annual Costello Gathering. Put the dates of September 26th to 27th in your diaries now! Le Perche (south Normandy, northern France) will be the location of 2015’s European get-together. This date should suit a good number of fellow Costello owners. In fact three cars and 6 guests are already confirmed. Pierre Damiron (MkII GT) will be managing this one. Keep an eye out for further announcements.

10 December: New Website Coming January 2015

Due to the increasing levels of activity and data on mgcostello.com, a revamped, easier-to-navigate website will be launched in early 2015. All contributions come from MG Costello owners and the site is maintained and edited on a purely voluntary basis - no fees are requested. However, the new site will require maintenance fees to a third party so considerations might be made in 2015 to make the MG Costello a more formal entity. This can be discussed at a later date. In the meantime, mgcostello.com looks forward to a new look and new home very soon!

17 November: Costello owner recounts life living close to Costello Engineering Ltd in Kent, UK.

Chris Rayner has written a love ly note to mgcostello.com reminiscing about growing up around the sound of growling V8s in rural Kent. He is on the look out for a Costello of his own; something that would look great of the roads around Basel in Switzerland where he now resides. Here is his note:

“As a 6th form schoolboy I had a job as a garage attendant at the Texaco garage on the A21. We lived about 5 minutes walk away so it was handy working there. This was around 1970 to 1972 when I went up to University. The garage was self-service for fuel but my job was to pop out and offer to check oil and water ... and sell oil as a result.

Often in the evenings there would be a growling noise coming from the workshop next to the garage. Often there would be a banshee wail, a disappearing tail end and parallel black lines across the forecourt as this vision tore up the Farnborough bypass. Sometimes there would even be one of these lovely cars coming to rest at the pump wanting for a drink of 5 Star. As an inquisitive lad I was shown what lay beneath the bulging bonnet, and it left my eyes bulging! I was just getting into cars at the time and had acquired a 1965 998cc Austin Cooper so was learning how to work on engines.

But the beauty of this whole Costello package has remained with me ever since that time. Chris Rayner.

14th October: Eifel Mountains Gathering Report Now Up!

Thanks to Charlie Marchant for providing the report and photographs of the recent and popular Eifel Gathering in west Germany. See here for the full report.

5th October: Costello Racing Crash!

Sadly Lawrence Wood has stuffed his Costello Racing GT (the only one racing in the world) into the tyre barriers whilst competing at Snetterton in the final round of the 2014 MGCC BCV8 Championship. It was quite a big front-on shunt and the 5-point harnesses certainly saved his life! The car has significant panel, chassis and radiator damage but Lawrence is hopeful it will be rebuilt in time for next season.

26 September: Reuniting a Costello with its original owner form the 1970s

John Britaz has been in touch via the mgcostello.com Forum regaling how he once owned EOB 913K—a MkI GT originally in the UK, now being restored by Judith Goertz in Normandy, France.

John is now retired and living in Arizona, but as a young man lived in Dorset on the Army base in Bovington. His father purchased the Harvest Gold Costello MkI GT from a dealer in Poole called Richard Griffiths, trading an Almond Yellow Rover P6 3500S. John sold the car on his father’s behalf to a policeman in a pub one night in Wool.

Hopefully Judith will complete the restoration soon and the car—and perhaps John—will hit the roads in 2015.

21 September: Richard Read’s car back on the Adelaide Roads

Great news from Australia where mgcostello.com learns that Richard Read has finally completed the restoration of his very rare MkI Roadster. Originally ‘peuce’ yellow, it is now resplendent in Old English White. Now the Victorian weather has improved, Richard has been enjoying taking his pride and joy out on to the sweeping roads of the Adelaide hills. This car is known to be one of only 5 MkI roadsters in the world, making it rare indeed.

More information and pictures of Richard’s car can be found on the Roadsters page.

10th September:  German Costello GT emerges from Restoration with new owner

Bodo Aden’s rebuild of a MkI GT is now complete. New owner - Luc van Riet, from Antwerp, Belgium - is very happy with his new car having already covered 5000km on several long runs, including trips to the Le Mans Classic, WW1 battlefields and to Oslo in Norway.  See his profile for updates.

07th September: Costello Racing - Highs and Lows

Lawrence Wood once again achieved a second-in-class finish in his MkI Costello GT at Oulton Park in Cheshire, UK. Racing in the BCV8 and Thoroughbred Sportscars Championship races he qualified strongly in, both but in the second race overshot the downhill Cascades Corner and parked his car on the grass! Finishing the race down the field but still as happy as ever to be competing and gaining experience in every race. Only one place behind Lawrence was Costello GT-owner Ben Tovey in his Class-B MGB 1800cc Roadster. Ben currently leads his Class in the BCV8 championship and is constantly pestered by Lawrence to get his Costello on the road soon!

20th July: ‘New’ Costello comes to light

Please welcome Eddie Ives and son Dan to the Costello Community. Eddie has owned his blue MkI GT (UTM467K) since 1976. Following a gearbox failure in 1980 the vehicle has awaited a full restoration. Daniel’s recent coming-of-driving-age has spurred Eddie into carrying out the full commissioning. The car has all the Costello tell-tale signs; double u/j steering column, manipulated inner wings and sump, grille, badging, oil reservoir and floating water tank. More updates will be made on the website as the restoration progresses. mgcostello.com wishes him luck!

Read more about Eddie’s car in the Restorations section.

18th July: Bonham’s auction Costello now in Belgium

DHK 418K has re-appeared, fresh from its strong showing at the Bonham’s auction in June this year, and is awaiting a restoration with Pascal Mathieu in Belgium. Pascal has been in touch with mgcostello.com supplying photographs and details of the commissioning required. Despite this keeping him busy, he also manages the Lynx Eventer website – a similar, British-built rarity along the lines of the Costello story. Take a look (www.lynxeventer.com). Despite the body being in relatively poor condition it has been suggested Pascal and his team try their best to save it rather than bolt-on all the old parts to a new body. Originality will maintain value and collectability in the long run.

Read more about Pascal’s great GT in the Restorations section.

1st July: Eifel Mountains Costello Gathering: Attendees Increasing

It’s not too late to register your interest in joining this year’s annual Gathering; a fabulous undulating and exciting drive around the Eifel Mountains on the German/ Belgian borders. To date SEVEN Costello cars are confirmed as taking part, with a further two keen but yet to commit. If your car is not quite ready for a long drive but you are keen to take part, then please feel free to attend in another car….as long as it is ‘interesting’! Please contact Lawrence or Peter for more information and to register your attendance. It will be a great event and a golden opportunity to meet other enthusiastic Costello owners.

21st June: Costello Racing Success at Silverstone – MG90 Event

Rookie driver (in his second season) Lawrence Wood managed two second place finishes (in class) at the fabulous MG90 event at Silverstone last weekend. Two solid performances running high up the field enabled the only racing Costello in the world to be seen in full view by the thousands who attended the annual event. Many keen attendees visited the Costello Racing ‘pagoda’ in the paddock to ask about the car proving that interest in our rare cars is still very high. Sebring-Costello owner Laurie Way was also on hand to cheer Lawrence along. Further championship races are planned for the Costello GT in September (Oulton Park) and October (Snetterton).

19th June: 2014  Costello Gathering Announced! Aachen, Germany: 19th - 21st September

At last! A European Gathering is taking shape, this year in the region of Aachen on the German Belgian borders. Peter Brodt and Lawrence Wood are taking enquiries to gauge interest before plunging in with detailed route maps, accommodation plans and so on. A target of 10 Costellos is set. Aachen itself is only 340km from Calais for those travelling from the UK for example, so not much further from the popular 2011 Namur and Ardennes Gathering.

If you are interested in taking part and finding out more, please get in touch with Lawrence as soon as possible. Tentative dates are the 19th to 21st September, 2014.

19th June: Another Costello Sold!

Guido Baldhoff from Germany recently collected Paula Summers’ car from Paignton in Somerset and trailered the car back to the Continent, ably assisted by Costello collector Peter Brodt. The car (a MkI GT with unique bonnet) is in great condition but the engine needs some fettling before it will turn. Guido plans to have the car ready by September, hopefully in time for our 2014 Aachen Gathering! We look forward to hearing from Guido very soon and seeing yet another saved Costello on the roads of Europe.

15th June: Silverstone 90—Tickets still available (21/22 June)

Tickets are still available for this year’s big event at Silverstone for all MG owners. See notes below. Mgcostello.com’s very own Lawrence Wood will be racing the only track-bred Costello GT in three races over the weekend (assuming all goes well!).

15th June: Busy Peter Brodt Restoration Update

Peter has been hard at work with one of his three Costello cars, rebuilding the ex-Peter Roscoe (ex-Nigel Bryant) Mk I Roadster - one of only 4 in the world today.

The car has been welded, and the tunnel lifted so an LT77 gearbox can be fitted. Most of the parts have been painted (doors, front fenders, front valance, bonnet and boot lid) with the body hopefully painted by end June. Both axles are finished and are ready to be installed. The car is being converted to left hand drive. There is only the problem with the double jointed steering column but Peter assures mgcostello.com that he has the use of a very good mechanic and welder so he hopes to solve this problem when it arises.

14th June: Costello GT at Bonham’s Auction: SOLD!

The ‘Lost Costello’ DKH 418K up for auction this week with Bonham’s in the UK has sold for a very strong price, just shy of 10,000 pounds Sterling. This is some 40% above the reserve price which gives an indication of the strength of the values of Costello MGs in today’s marketplace. See the notes from Bonhams here.

10th June: Stuart Simons proud new owner of Costello GT ‘WPH 540G’

The previous owner (Alan Worth) was unable to continue to drive the car due to health issues. Stuart (Secretary of the Northants MGOC) - and a good friend of Alan’s - chose to purchase the car from Alan as a 60th birthday present to himself. The car now resides in Northamptonshire - alongside Stuart's 1275 Midget - and gets used on a regular basis. The car will be at Santa Pod for the Retro Show weekend, 21-22 June, as will former-owner Alan who is now the proud owner of a Trophy Yellow MGF Trophy.

03 June: A ‘Lost Costello’ is Up for Auction!

Another Costello has surfaced! DKH 418K can be currently seen in mgcostello.com’s Lost Costellos pages, its provenance being unknown, until now! Bonhams will be offering the car at no reserve in Banbury, UK on the 7th June. Mgcostello.com has been reliably informed by Bonhams that the car is thought to be a runner, though not having been driven for some time. Some light restoration will be required no doubt, but this offers a great opportunity to rescue another one of Ken’s creations. From the Bonhams page then:

This MGB GT V8 was purchased for the late owner's collection in 2004 and was last MoT'd in 2008. It is fitted with a twin exhaust system rather than the stock single-pipe arrangement and has a lower-than-standard axle ratio (3.3:1 instead of 3.07:1). 'DHK 418K' was pictured in 'Enjoying MG' magazine (September 1983 edition) while owned by Pearl and Derek McGlen. The car comes with a V5 registration document.

So who’s going to grab it? Keep an eye out here for the auction result.

02 June: Read an update on Roger Cook’s fabulous - and unique - MkIII GT

Roger’s car is a unique, fuel-injected beast developed in conjunction with Ken Costello in the early 1990s and represents the extreme of what Ken was capable of achieving with his engineering knowledge and prowess. The specification of this car is mind boggling, so read an update right here. The car is currently off the road undergoing some minor fettling but is expected to be ripping tarmac in the West of England very soon.

8th May: MG 90 (Silverstone) Tickets for Sale: June 21st to 22nd

This year the MG Car Club is celebrating 90 years of MG motoring at the full Silverstone International Circuit in Northamptonshire, UK. Note that there are no current plans for a Costello-designated parking area though this could be arranged should there be significant interest. Perhaps the best plan is for any Costello attendees to meet before hand and arrive together, therefore park together on the infield.

For 2014 the MGCC’s annual two-day motoring festival will be renamed MG90 in honour of the Marque’s 90 year anniversary celebrations. MG90 at Silverstone will be ‘a splendid mix of MG’s rich heritage and exciting future. MG90 will be a truly international affair, featuring a spectacular array of MGs from around the world, stretching across 10 decades.

To compliment MG’s impressive racing pedigree the Car Club will be taking over Silverstone’s historic Grand Prix circuit for the fifth consecutive year.

MG90 is a family friendly day out with attractions for everyone. Learn all about Britain’s most loved sports cars through our array of displays and exhibitions. Watch history come to life on Silverstone’s world-famous race track.’

A further incentive to attend will be to cheer on mgcostello.com’s very own Lawrence Wood in his Costello GT—the only known racing Costello in the world.

Tickets are available here: http://www.mgcc.co.uk/mg90/ and the number to call for any assistance or more details is +441235555552.

7th May: Mark Cope joins the Costello Community

Mark is the proud new owner of Brian Davey’s MkI restored GT - the car which turned so many heads at the Bristol Classic Car Show a few years ago.  Although Mark has owned the car since 2013 he has yet to drive it extensively but hopes to do so this summer. Perhaps both Mark and Costello will be seen at an Autumn Gathering this year when other Costello owners can revel in the beauty of this restored example, probably one of the best on the road today.

22nd April: Recent Costello Sales

Both Alan Worth and Lawrence Wood have sold their MkI GT and MkII Roadster respectively. Both achieved strong values for their vehicles which are still commanding prices of over 20% more than the factory V8 models. Details for the new owners are yet forthcoming but will be shared here on mgcostello.com and the owners made very welcome. Llion Williams’ GT and Paula Summers’ GT are still for sale, both requiring some light restoration and commissioning to bring up to road-going standards.

18th April:

Robin Sherwood has been in contact with mgcostello.com with this note (abridged). Can anyone throw any light on this?

“My father—Dr Martin Paul Sherwood - bought his Costello from new.  Unfortunately I was very young at the time so do not remember much about it. He did not keep it long. My abiding memory of the car was that it had an electric aerial which fascinated me at the time! I am pretty sure it was a MkI as it had a bonnet bulge and eggbox grille, and the paint was most likely black. The car was based in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, though might have been registered to his medical practice in Portland Place, London, W1. I would be interested to hear if it is possible to identify the car and find out if it still exists.”

Can anyone help?

14th April: 6volt to Twin 12volt Battery Upgrade

Richard Fairclough has successfully updated his MkI Roadster ‘Elvis’ to double 12v battery power, replacing the popular but fragile twin 6v source units. This was a conversion that Ken Costello performed for customers upon request in the 1970s. Roger Cook’s MkIII GT was also converted as was Lawrence Wood’s Roadster, though the latter was done in 2012 and with a single 12v unit.  The twin system is a more robust solution than the two 6v batteries, and despite what some mechanics have said, weight distribution is not affected. Get in touch if you too have made this conversion and let us know if there are any issues.

10th/11th April: Racing Costello Tested at Silverstone

Lawrence Wood’s MkI GT Racer successfully completed over 50 laps of the Silverstone National circuit this week as a guest of the HGCPA and VSCC. On track with Chevron B8s, Lightweight E-Type Jaguars, Aston Martin DB3s, Lola T70s, Lotus 23s and Cooper Monacos, the 3900cc Costello held its own very well. It even embarrassed a few of its track companions, many of which have values which represent more than the entire global Costello population together. It’s surprising what a set of good tyres can do to the handling! Lawrence’s GT will run again at the MG Live! Silverstone Event in June, more on which very soon.

8th April: MkII Roadster German Restoration

Hubert Jansen’s recommissioning of Peter Brodt’s MkII Roadster continues apace. Photographs will be shared soon. The car is now undergoing an engine and electrical refurbishment, with every moving and guiding part of the engine replaced as new. Hubert’s budget is high for his much-loved project, on which he is keen to maintain some originality by not changing the capacity of the engine, keeping everything as Ken Costello’s team had originally designed.

6th April: New Zealand Costello Update: Barry and Tessa Keene

Barry and Tessa Keene from Whakatane, New Zealand continue to clock-up the miles in their 1973 MkII Roadster. The car has recently been to the North Cape of NZ as well as to the Bluff at the southern tip of the South. Island. The Keenes belong to the (NZVCC) NZ Vintage Car Club, being overall winners in the Far North VCC Rally and Class winner at the Gisborne and Eastern Bay of Plenty Rallies. Having the front wheels properly balanced has been a problem, though finally resolved by a company in Palmerston North. The owner races a MK 11 Cortina which develops 600bhp! The Costello is going very well 27mpg is achieved on average on those long trips.

Barry’s car is one of only two in New Zealand and of only four in Australasia.

4th April: Phil Rule’s MkII Restoration Update

Whilst this Surrey-based MkII GT awaits bodywork commissioning, progress on Phil’s restoration has been slow. Phil has stated “It's not for the faint hearted, though is partially completed but like all things with MGs it has not been smooth running. Having got it completely stripped back to bare metal and in parts no metal, it became obvious that at some stage in its life prior to me buying it in 1985 it had had a big shunt to the rear offside. Unscrupulous mechanics had used copious amounts of filler and some ornate and haphazard brazing as opposed to proper welding. It is shorter that side than the other by more than a inch! We tried to find the jigs but cannot find a set compatible with what we need, so we are making our own. This in itself has delayed us considerably. Had this car been a factory V8 BGT I would have scrapped the bodyshell and bought a new one. With the Costello modifications to the engine bay in particular, I am keen on that history and provenance is maintained. What started as new sills and a repaint has become new sills, front and rear wings, doors, inner panels in the boot etc. etc.”

Phil is hopeful that work will begin again in summer 2014. He is in contact with Judith Goertz in France who is also restoring a MkI GT. We await in hope of another Costello hitting the roads very soon.

9th March: Old News is now New News!

Mgcostello.com has dug deep into the annals of the Costello news items dating back to 2008 when we first began scouring the world for our favourite MG. Now we have the complete set of every News item posted on mgcostello.com. Scroll down to go back in time. Every car gets a mention at some point :)

4th March: Articles section of mgcostello.com now WORKING!

After months of trying to fiddle with complex html scripts, it is now possible for browsers of mgcostello.com to enjoy reading the large numbers of Articles written on Ken Costello’s creations. Click on the link for the article you wish to read and a PDF version will open. Copyrights are all attributed to the respective authors so feel free to save the file separately or print out for your own records. These copies also compliment your own car’s history file, should you wish to sell the vehicle in the future.

16th February: The Marchant Costello GT is back on the road!

Young Charlie and Oliver attended our first Costello Gathering in Surrey, UK in 2009, with Charlie too young to drive legally and with his GT on his father’s trailer. He’s informed mgcostello.com that the car is now on the road and has been since last summer—the first time in 9 years! The whole family appear to be enjoying driving this restored MkI GT and we all look forward to seeing it at the next Gathering. For a full profile and some updated pictures, take a look in the GTs section.

17th January: Team Costello to Race Again in 2014

Our very own pedaller Lawrence Wood is to campaign his 1970 3900cc GT once again in the MGCC BCV8 and Thoroughbred Sportscars Championships in 2014.  After some tentative but solid performances in 2013—his rookie year— Lawrence is now looking for some class podiums this year as rules on engine displacement have been altered in the Costello’s favour. This car is the only known original Costello to be racing in the world today. It remains a mystery as to why Ken—a keen F3 racer and British Touring Car Champion—never campaigned one of his own cars in its day.

15 January: Call for Gatherings in 2014

Please step forward anyone who wishes to organize a Costello Gathering in 2014! Driver/owners from Belgium, France, Germany and UK have all staged at least one of these popular get-togethers in the last 6 years so why not have a go at planning one yourself? Most of the known Costello cars on the road are in the UK and North Western Europe so that could be a consideration for location. All that is required is a long weekend, some smooth fast roads and a couple of good restaurants en route. Please let Lawrence know if you are keen to plan something. We can then jointly begin marketing the event.

10 January: Costello bonnets for sale—beware!

Our friends at Honeybourne Mouldings in the UK are now selling fiberglass pressings (mouldings) on the open market. A couple of us have politely asked them to remove these from public sale for fear of seeing standard MGs sporting MkI Costello hardware, therefore potentially devaluing our cars. A compromise has been reached whereby any owner approaching Honeybourne to purchase such a bonnet has to provide proof of authenticity of his or her car. Since the only truly authenticated Costellos are those with Certificates mgcostello.com does not predict bumper sales in the near future.

01 January: Happy New Year Everyone!

Greetings from Dubai where it’s warm and sunny….but where there are precious few classic cars here to enjoy the clement weather. May 2014 bring you hours of driving pleasure in your Costello GT or cloth top, and hope that some of us will get to meet up again at one of our mooted and popular Gatherings. Drive safely :) mgcostello.com

— — 2013 News ——

15 November 2013: Llion Williams’ GT up for sale

Son Jac is keen that the car goes to a good home who will cherish it and bring it back to its former glory. Just a little light fettling is required. So if anyone fancies a project for the winter then please drop Jac a line with an offer. The car is based in Colwyn Bay, North Wales. Details: EKN 904K, first registered 02nd March 1972. The previous owner (Raymond Denton, from London) sold the car to Llion via Wrexham MG in North Wales. Originally black, the car was soon subjected to a full rebuild and a professional re-spray. It has the Buick engine block with twin choke DCOE 45 carbs, hence no bulge in the bonnet. The is car is therefore an early MkII. The original eggbox grille is neatly in place and V8 Costello badge also on the boot panel.

Contact  jacllyrwilliams at gmail.com for more information.

23rd September: Trevor Crane’s Restoration

Upon stumbling over this Costello website, Trevor Crane was compelled to inform us of his current restoration project; a 1966 MGB Costello GT  (MYT 2D) which he converted himself using purchased Costello parts before the BL V8 was launched. The car has been laid up for over 12 years so needs some attention. We hope to hear more from Trevor as the project progresses.

21st September: Peter Brodt sells another Costello!

This time our busy Frankfurt friend has sold his MkII Roadster, originally owned by James Ostler, to Michaele Schupp. The car now resides in Aachen, Germany, and we look forward to hearing from Michaele soon on his recent, astute purchase.

18th September: Owners old and new reunited

Avid and active Costello collector Peter Brodt (Frankfurt, Germany) has purchased the Peter Roscoe MkI Roadster—one of only four verified cars in the world today. The car needs some final commissioning before it is ready for road trials. Nigel Bryant—the original owner—has been put in touch with Peter and they have begun sharing stories and anecdotes about the car’s history. The Internet can be a wonderful thing sometimes! We look forward to seeing Peter’s car next year, perhaps with a rueful Nigel in the passenger seat.

15th September: Costello GT Confirmed to Race At Birkett Relay, Snetterton, OCtober

Lawrence Wood’s 3900cc V8 GT will be racing in a team comprising a 1968 911 Porsche, 1966 Cooper Bobtail and 1968 Lotus 23B. The Birkett Historic Relay Race, run by the famous 750 Motor Club, will be held at Snetterton Circuit first weekend of November and marks the end of the first season for our rookie Costello racing driver. If you wish to cheer him on expect qualifying to be on the Saturday morning, with the race soon after lunch. Bring an umbrella!

01 September: Heather Run...to Run again in 2014?

Plans are afoot by the ever popular Richard Fairclough (MkI Roadster, Yorkshire, UK) to stage a re-running of the Heather Run—a Costello Gathering held in Yorkshire in October 2010 which saw the owners of 6 Costellos enjoy piloting their cars over fast sweeping roads on the Yorkshire Moors. Dates are not set as yet, but this could happen in May, 2014. More on this soon…

23rd August: Second, and only other MGC Costello comes to light?

Costello Engineering Ltd only ever built two V8 cars from original MGC shells; one is owned by Andrew Johnson and is showcased on this site under the GT Cars section. The other might just be owned by a recent contributor to the Costello Forum who remembers work carried out by Mike the Pipe, and Ken’s original engine mounting modifications relating to the MGC. More news on this exciting discovering as it unfolds...

12th August: Ultra-rare MkI Roadster for sale

Clearly running a Costello race car and owning a MkI roadster has become too much for Lawrence Wood who has offered his MkI Roadster for sale, currently via Slade’s Garage in Penn, Buckinghamshire. This car is one of the very first cars to be modified to V8 power by Costello Engineering and is known to be one of only four such MkI Roadsters in the world today. Contact Lawrence directly or Slade’s for more information.

07th August: Another Costello GT is back on the road!

Several Costello owners met Oliver Marchant and his family at the first Costello Gathering in Tilford, Surrey some years ago. At the time, his red Costello MkI GT (LLP265K) arrived on a trailer in the early days of a restoration project. Admired by Ken himself at the time, and now after 21 years laid-up, this car has now been completely re-built. As Oliver is now 21 years old, he  is looking forward to driving it to the Goodwood Revival next month for its first outing since 1992. We look forward to seeing some photographs of the unveiling!

01st July: Costello Racing Success!

In only his third race Lawrence Wood enjoying some success at the MG Live! Event at Silverstone last month by finishing 9th out of 32 runners, piloting his Costello GT racecar. This was on the full Formula One International circuit—one of the fastest and most flowing of all the current F1 tracks. On the Sunday he took part in a 50-minute Endurance race, open to allcomers, and managed a 15th overall with third in class. He was gallantly cheered on by other Costello owners Andrew Johnson (MGC GT) and Laurie Way (MkI GT Sebring) and their wives. Lawrence has two more races in 2013 to look forward to; Donington and Snetterton.

30th June: Stuttgart Gathering report

Thanks to Juergen and Heike Hauber (MkIII Roadster) for the notes from the Black Forest meeting, and for some great photographs too. More of these will be in the Gallery very soon.

30thJune: Updates to Harry Irvine and Llion Williams profiles

Browse the Roadsters and GT sections to read more about Harry’s MkII Roadster and Llion’s MkII GT (which is for sale, based in North Wales, UK).

16th May: Welcome Hubert Jansen to the Costello-owning Community

Hubert has sensibly relieved multiple-Costello-owning Peter Brodt of one of his charges - a Mk II Roadster. This British registered car now resides in Aachen and Hubert hopes to bring it along to the Black Forest Gathering this weekend. Little is know about this car to date but Ken Costello has verified -  from supporting photographs that it was one of the last cars he modified to V8 power. We look forward to meeting Hubert and hearing more about the car as the investigation continues.

10th May: Final preparations complete for the 2013 European Costello Gathering in Stuttgart

Juergen Hauber (MkIII Roadster) has been busy finalising his organisation of the Stuttgart and Black Forest Gathering which takes place next weekend in Germany. Costellos will meet at 6pm at the Hotel Kulinarium an der Glems in Stuttgart and enjoy a few laps of the  original F1 Solitude-ring circuit—now public roads. A group photograph will be taken at the Solitude Castle. Saturday will see tours of the Porsche and Daimler museums followed by a spirited drive around the roads of the beautiful Black Forest. Dinner will be courtesy of a traditional biergarten (driving not recommended!). More driving in the Forest on Sunday morning followed by a healthy lunch and departures. So it’s not too late to join in. Contact Juergen if you would like to join in this annual European Costello Gathering.

08th May: Team Costello up and Racing

The only actively racing MG Costello GT in the world make its first appearance on-track in ten years last weekend  - exactly a year to the day that Ken Costello attended the Brands Hatch UK Gathering. Lawrence Wood (MkI Roadster) was the rookie pilot of this fearsome 3900cc, 260bhp beast. Nearly deafened in the process our faithful rookie kept it altogether to finish in a respectable position after two races — his first ever in competition.  Next race is at the MG Live event 15th/16th June. Bring your own Costello along and show your support!

06th May: MGLive Tickets for sale

Tickets are for sale for this MG festival at Silverstone. This promises to be a fabulous weekend of all things MG; scenic tours, track laps, sprints, rocker box racing and a full programme on the track. The racing will include our own Lawrence Wood racing his Costello GT in the MGCC Thoroughbred Sports Car Championship, and possibly on the Sunday afternoon in an allcomers 50minute endurance event. For information on the event and ticket pricing, navigate to the link above. Bring your own Costello and let’s have a Gathering!

22nd April: New Zealand Costello Changes Hands

News from Barry Keene (MkII Roadster) in New Zealand tells us that Ron Macauley has sold his MkII Costello Roadster to a Robert Jackson, based in Hamilton. So now there are two MkII Costello Roadsters on the North Island, and a further two Costellos across the Tasman in South Australia (a MkI GT and a MkI Roadster—the only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere). We hope to hear from Robert soon, and see some pictures of both cars together.

18th April: All “MG V8” books now sold.

Our pre-order copies of David Knowles’ excellent publication on the MG V8 have now sold out. Thank you to all of you who purchased a copy. The Costello chapter is excellent and provides a thorough and non-biased account of the David vs Goliath story with which we are all no so familiar.

12th April: Peter Roscoe’s Costello on eBay

Peter’s very tidy, and rare, MkI Roadster is now available for bids on eBay, should you fancy a Costello of your own. Here’s the link:

10th April: Lost Costello Almost Found

Richard Perry has been in touch with some interesting history on one of the “Lost Costellos”, 66UFC. He bought it in 1977 from the manager of the Epson cinema in Surrey. We believe Bob Farquarson (who has also provided some great photos) bought it soon after Richard sold it. Its whereabouts today remain a mystery but mgcostello.com is certain it no longer wears the plate 66UFC. The search continues...

5th April: Picture Galleries Updated

The pictures of the Costello cars in the Galleries have been updated to reflect those sent in to mgcostello.com by their owners, and also from recent Gatherings. These include shots from Richard Darby (MkI GT), Lee Thomas (MkII GT), Llion Williams (MkII GT), Peter Roscoe (MkI Roadster), Juergen Kuhnle (MkIII Roadster) and Peter Brodt (MkI GT, MkII Roadster). Enjoy the pictures here.

30th March: Another MkII GT Surfaces

Jac Williams has been in contact with mgcostello.com to give details of his father’s MkII GT, tucked away hiding from the rains of North Wales. A profile of this dark green 1972 GT will be compiled shortly. Llion Wililams has owned the car since 1989 and has enjoyed taking it on runs around the Snowdon National Park of late but now through lack of use has decided to sell his Costello. More details will follow but look out for the profile coming soon.

04th March: “Lost” Costello finally surfaces

Owner Peter Roscoe has come forward with the great news that his car  - a very rare Mk I Roadster  - is still very much in his ownership, running well on the roads of Dorset, UK. However, the time has come to sell the car but under the caveat it finds a good home. Peter will send more details. There are now three of us who have more than one Costello so we’re pretty confident Peter’s MkI will find a good home. Nigel Bryant, the original owner, wrote to mgcostello.com in 2012 with a touching story of how he came about owning the same vehicle. Having lost contact with both the car and the new owner, hopefully mgcostello.com will bring them back together.

28th February: Lawrence Wood’s MkI GT Racer Update

Thought to be the only Costello in active track competition, Lawrence’s GT is undergoing an extensive rebuild, but adhering to as much originality as the MSA rules allow. All new brakes, lines, harnesses, seats, and extinguisher systems have been fitted with expertise from Phoenix Restorations of High Wycombe  - the original team that built the car in 2003. Forged pistons and a new TVR T5 gearbox are also being fitted in time for both the TSCC and BCV8 Championships opening races in April. It is thought the car will be a lot faster than the driver for most of the season!

06th February: Phil Rule’s MkI GT Restoration Progress

Retired Policeman and Costello fanatic Phil Rule has finally extracted his GT from the garage and strip-down has begun. Supporting photos clearly show where Ken Costello had to hammer part of the inner wings to create space for the Rover V8 block, sometime back in 1972. This is one of the giveaways when trying to identify a Costello. Phil hopes to complete the restoration in 2013, perhaps even in time for a UK jaunt in the late Autumn. More news as it comes.

19th January: New Costello Owner in contact

Michael Baggs is the proud new owner of David Wiggins’ MGC-bonneted MkII GT. With interest expressed in attending the Black Forest Gathering, Michael sounds keen to meet other owners and we warmly welcome him to the growing Costello community. David meanwhile will have to make do with just the one Costello GT.

10th January: Black Forest Gathering—book your hotel now!

Our chosen hotel in Frankfurt will be holding a group booking in the Costello name only until 15th January. If you wish to come and join in this fabulous weekend of driving in the Black Forest, please call the hotel to book your place. Contact Juergen (juergen.hauber@yahoo.de), or Lawrence (lolwood@yahoo.co.uk) for hotel details and any more information you require on the Gathering itself. Looking forward to seeing you in Germany!

06th January: “Missing” Swiss Costello GT identified

A Swiss-based V8 fan has identified the Swiss-plated Mk I GT in the “Lost Costellos” page as that which once belonged to his god-father. We are fairly certain that the car is still in Switzerland and await further news following a local investigation.

05th January: Costello Racing Team re-established!

Garry Heath’s brave and exciting racing project, mothballed since 2004 has been reborn by Lawrence Wood who will be campaigning this Mk I GT in the UK Thoroughbred Sports Car Championship. Lawrence will be writing a blog on his experiences in this, his novice season behind the wheel of a race car. He has obtained his National B race license from his home in Dubai, UAE and cannot wait to get behind the wheel of the Buckinghamshire-based car. First though, a new T5 gearbox is required! Could this have been the Costello Team Ken never quite managed to forge? Keep an eye out for updates….

01st January: Happy New Year to all Costello owners and fanatics alike!

Last year saw the busiest year our unofficial “club” has enjoyed since its formation some 5 years ago. However, most of the Northern Europe cars took a beating from the inclement weather so we hope 2013 will have the elements granting more of our cars the chance to show themselves.

More Costellos have changed hands than in recent years and values have risen considerably over the factory V8 counterparts. This seems to be largely a result of their rarity - less than 65 are known to exist and less than 40 are on the road - but also due to the renewed interest in these powerful classics as seen in Octane and Auto Retro of late.

Events to look forward to this year include our annual international get-together, this year in the German Black Forest. Juergen Hauber has kindly volunteered to manage this one and numbers are already booking fast.

— — 2012 News ——

9th November 2012: Another GT joins the fold

Another Costello has come to the fore; a fabulous MkI GT, proudly owned for 24 years by Richard and Pam Darby in the West Midlands. Read more about this lovely car in The Cars section.

5th November: What’s better than owning two Costello MGs? Three, of course!

Avid collector and MG Costello enthusiast Peter Brodt has added to his MkII Roadster and MkI GT with yet another Costello - a MkII Roadster. History on the car is thin at the moment, but it’s a British registered car and one which Ken recognises. See more details in The Cars section.

25th October: More Eggbox grilles on order

Another batch of reproduction powder-coated eggbox grilles are on order from the manufacturers. Three are already sold. If you need one, let Lawrence know as soon as possible.

16th October: Ben Mullaert’s Roadster for sale

Ben’s car was once owned by the former Belgian prime minister and has all the correct Costello modifications—recessed inlet manifold, more powerful brakes, reinforced sports-suspension, Minilite wheels, radiator grille and more. It is a shame to hear Ben needs to sell it but it’s new owner will no doubt be inheriting a fabulous car from Marreyt Classics.

27th September:  MGB50 A Great (damp) Success

A total of 7 Costellos survived the driving rain to enjoy the 50th anniversary celebrations of the MGB, at Blenheim Palace on the 23rd September. Both Richard Fairclough’s and Lawrence Wood’s MkI Roadsters were stars on the Time Line, a showcase of the most influential and important MGBs to be manufactured. All participants received plaques for the day, and a commemorative book was published including a two-page spread about the Costello story.  This was recently reviewed in Octane magazine too.

Pictures of the event are coming in slowly so once we have a sufficient number, a new Gallery will be uploaded. Watch this space for more news.

15th September: When One Costello is Not Enough

David Wiggins has decided to put up for sale his recently restored MkI GT. Not wanting to be without a car for long he briskly purchased Steve Minns’ green MkI GT, so he currently joins Peter Brodt in the enviable position of owning two Costellos. David’s car is for sale via Gerry Wadman at Sussex Sports Cars:

11th September: New Website!

And you’re looking at it! Three months of compiling, downloading and editing to a far more stable platform before and here it is. Bear with the authors whilst a few gremlins are fixed, but in the meantime enjoy the popular Gathering reports, updated photos and some news on many of our “members’” cars.

5th September: MGB50 Anniversary Gathering at Blenheim Palace

Tickets are now only available for this event on the door (24th September, Blenheim, Oxfordshire). So far some 5 Costellos are confirmed to attend, with Lawrence Wood’s Roadster (gratefully driven by Laurie Way in the owner’s absence) representing our favourite MG marque in the Time Line parade on the day. More details of the day’s events here: http://www.mgb50.com.

1st September: Restoration News

Charlie Marchant has been in touch to inform the site that the Marchant Costello GT project is set for completion in the winter of 2012. We look forward to seeing some pictures of this fabulous MkI car—one of which Ken approved  at the Inaugural Gathering in 2008—and hopefully on a Costello Gathering in 2013.

1st August: Costellos at the Le Mans Classic

Pictures and details of the Le Mans Classic event are now available on the Gatherings page. Three Costellos attended this fabulous biannual event in France, enjoying their own “Costello Register” private infield parking, and four fast and furious laps of the La Sarthe circuit. Many thanks once again to Pierre Damiron for organising this for us.

30th June: Costellos at Le Mans Classic:

Three Costellos will be attending this fabulous biannual event on 7th and 8th July, and will be parking on a Costello club display in the centre field of La Sarthe circuit. The highlight of the weekend will be the chance to experience this unique circuit - only open to racing for 2 days of every year - by driving some parade laps on the Saturday. Let's hope there will be no Anthony Davidson moments! The Costellos attending will be Thierry Denant's MkI GT, Pierre Damiron's MkII GT and Lawrence Wood's MkI Roadster. Expect a full report on this soon.

15th June: Events coming up in 2012

There is still plenty to be involved with this year with your Costello. A brief selection is here:

· Silverstone Classic - Silverstone, July 20th to 22nd. The ever-popular, and rapidly growing, Silverstone Classic is also featuring the MGB with special events happening as well. This is on the 20-22 July. See www.silverstoneclassic.com for more details.

· MGB 50th Birthday - Blenheim Palace - September 23rd. The Blenheim Palace event on Sunday 23rd September is the big one for our Costellos. Lawrence's car has been chosen to represent the Marque and will therefore be on display with all the other MGB variants. The organisers do however want as many Costello's at Blenheim as possible. The only problem will be the volume of cars expected on the day; in excess of 3,000 MG's! Due to large number of cars attending there will be one car park area for MGB-bodied MG's to include MGBs, MGCs, V8s and Costellos. However, the organisers are unable to have separate locations for groups of cars. Therefore, once we have a number of Costellos interested in attending we will organise a meeting away from Blenheim where we will all join up then drive to Blenheim in convoy. In doing this all the non-Lawrence Costellos should then all be parked together.

If you wish to attend, you will need to book tickets by the 10th August - all proceeds are going to Macmillan Cancer Support so there will be no free tickets to those displaying cars or attending. Tickets and other details can be purchased via the www.mgb50.com website. If you plan to attend, please let Lawrence know and he'll co-ordinate (email him).

10th May: Restorations News

Phil Rule has finally been able to begin the complete rebuild of his Mk I GT which has been tucked away in his garage under the weight of bicycles, push chairs and old duvets. Phil will be sending us regular updates and photos as the restoration progresses. This should prove to be a fascinating insight into how to build a Costello MG. Phil's enthusiasm for this knows no bounds, so watch this space for an exciting story.

22nd April: New Zealand Roadster in New Ownership

Iain Barraclough's one owner MkII Roadster has been sold to Barry Keene, who has wasted no time in carrying out some fettling work on his investment, bringing the car a little more up to date, purchasing a MkII badge and Certificate of Authenticity. Barry will be sending over new photos of the car soon, and also plans on driving to the South Island to visit the only other Costello in the country, belonging to Ron Macauley.

20 February: Brands Hatch Gathering in May now has 11 Costello cars confirmed as attending!

Plans for a Gathering of Costellos at Brands Hatch on the 5th May have gone well with 11 cars now confirmed as attending. We are confident Ken himself will be able to attend this one as it is not far from his Kent home; Brands is of course the scene of many a Costello triumph, including part of the final round of the 1967 British Saloon Car Championship, which Ken won.

Getting any kind of usage is a rare event. Despite the day being an MG meeting, there will be no chance for us to drive on track. The Brittens Parade area is where clubs are invited to display their cars at race meetings. As exhibitors therefore, we will receive free entry to the race meeting and vouchers towards lunch at the track restaurant. Roger Anderson (MkI GT) is organising for us lunch, dinner and a drive on the Sunday to complete what should be a splendid Costello-themed weekend. Please get in touch immediately with Lawrence Wood if you too wish to attend.

14 February: Another Costello on this website....

Lee Thomas has been in touch with details of his late MkII rubber bumper GT - one of the very last cars Ken modified until production on the fuel-injected MkIIIs began in the 1990s. Lee will be joining several other Costellos at Brands Hatch in early May. Read more about his car in the GT section.

15th January: Costellos at the Le Mans Classic, 6th to 8th July

2012 sees the return of the biannual Le Mans Classic - comparable with the Goodwood Revival for thrilling, close vintage and classic car racing, access to paddocks, cars and drivers. These races run through the night over a 24 hour period - something not to be missed. We now have the opportunity to park our cars on a dedicated stand in the infield over the weekend. In order to do so, we need a minimum of 10 cars. As of 15th January we have only 5. The deadline is 30th January to confirm and commit. Please get in touch with Lawrence urgently if you care able to join in this great event and put Costello on the map in France!

10th January: Happy New Year Costello Fans!

Sorry the first news item of 2012 is a little late, but very best wishes to all of you Costello owners, drivers and fans all over the world. We hope to have more events than ever in 2012 to which you can bring your car and meet other enthusiasts. Keep an eye on the Forum and the News pages to see what's in store.

— — 2011 News ——

19 December 2011: Costello Cartoon cards ready "Abbott and Costello"

Cartoonist Richard Wade has generously commissioned some wonderful framed Costello prints (and smaller greeting cards) in a limited run of 100. The prints depict two Costellos parked outside the Abbaye d'Orval watched over by a monastic figure with the strapline "Abbott and Costello". If you would like either a print of a card contact David Wiggins (MkII GT) who can explain how to pay and arrange delivery. They will sell quickly so grab one while you can. Priority will be given for Costello owners.

16 December: First Costello in Czech Republic.

Marek Skok has exported Peter Collis' MGB 88V MkII Roadster to his home in the Czech Republic - which we believe is a first. We await news on his plans for the car and hope to see him in the New Year at our Gathering events.

12 December: New Zealand Costello sold.

Barry Keene is now the proud new driver of Iain Barraclough's one-owner MkII Roadster. Barry will be investing in a Costello Certificate of Authenticity and will update us on his plans to fettle the car. New photographs will also be forthcoming.

3 December: Costello Barn Find!

Another Costello has surfaced, this one being unearthed in a barn in the Forrest of Dean. It's a red Mk I GT and you can find more details about the car and owner Mark Dew in the Restorations section.

17 December: Costello Cartoon cards ready "Abbott and Costello"

Cartoonist Richard Wade has generously commissioned some wonderful framed Costello prints (and smaller greeting cards) in a limited run of 100. The prints depict two Costellos parked outside the Abbaye d'Orval watched over by a monastic figure with the strapline "Abbott and Costello". If you would like either a print of a card contact David Wiggins (MkII GT) who can explain how to pay and arrange delivery. They will sell quickly so grab one while you can. Priority will be given for Costello owners.

16 December: First Costello in Czech Republic.

Marek Skok has exported Peter Collis' MGB 88V MkII Roadster to his home in the Czech Republic - which we believe is a first. We await news on his plans for the car and hope to see him in the New Year at our Gathering events.

12 December: New Zealand Costello sold.

Barry Keene is now the proud new driver of Iain Barraclough's one-owner MkII Roadster. Barry will be investing in a Costello Certificate of Authenticity and will update us on his plans to fettle the car. New photographs will also be forthcoming.

3 December: Costello Barn Find!

Another Costello has surfaced, this one being unearthed in a barn in the Forrest of Dean. It's a red Mk I GT and you can find more details about the car and owner Mark Dew in the Restorations section.

30th October: Rutland Gathering a success!

In all, eight MGB Costellos made it to Rutland for an autumnal run in the glorious English countryside. Many thanks to Alison Johnson for organising this one. Read more about the event here.

3rd October: Costello Fuel Tanks now available

Now available to special order: Costello extended-range fuel tanks (circa 14 gallons) for post 1966 cars. These tanks are laser cut and beautifully fabricated in high-grade 1.2 mm stainless steel, so they will never rust out. They are fully baffled and available in two versions, for both carburated and, with integral swirl pot, for injected engines. Very competitively priced as compared to aluminium, they cost £375 for the carburettor version and £425 for the injected one. Prices are plus VAT and shipping. Contact Lawrence if you require one of these gems.

5th October: Latest news on the Rutland Gathering

Numbers for this Midlands get together are increasing with now 10 cars confirmed in attendance. Contact Alison Johnson for more details or see earlier News items for a downloadable guide to the event.

30 September: Costello restoration underway in France

Judith Goertz has been in contact from Northern France with the great news that her Costello restoration is now finally underway. Her Autumn Leaf MkI GT looks set to be a fabulous car when finished in 2012. Read her updated profile in the Restorations section.

20 September: Costello For Sale in Devon

Peter and Wendy Collis' car has undergone some cosmetic enhancements (rubber to chrome and other updates) and is now back up for sale on eBay and this site. Take a look at the end of the Roadsters section and For Sale page for more details.

03 September: German Costello Restoration continues apace

Bodo Aden's car is taking shape nicely - yet another German Costello soon to hit the road. Pictures of his car have been uploaded to the Gallery pages.

15th August: Read about Bodo Alen's restoration project  in Germany

We now have word from Bodo on his impressive MkII GT restoration work on this original Brighton car. Have a look atop the Restorations page. Many thanks to Peter Brodt for his translation services :)

11th August: Rutland Costello Gathering taking shape for 22/23 October:

Plans are now taking shape for the annual UK Costello Gathering, this year around Rutland Water, Leicestershire. Please right-click and open the attached PDF information booklet and if you are interested in attending, email Alison Johnson or Lawrence Wood as numbers will be required soon in order to book dinners and lunches. Get involved and let's make this the biggest ever gathering of MG Costellos!

27th July: Dates announced for second Costello Gathering on 2011 - in Rutland, UK

Calling all Costello owners! Please put aside the 22nd and 23rd of October 2011 to attend the Rutland Costello Gathering. This second meeting of the year will take place around the idyllic English countryside close to Rutland Water. More details will be forthcoming, but rest assured there will be plenty of rolling hills over which you may test your Costello, plenty of English pubs to refresh the driver and passenger, and a few stately homes by which we can relax and enjoy the view. Drop Alison Johnson or Lawrence Wood a line if you wish to know more, or simply to register your interest.

13th July: Cartoonist to Commission limited edition prints for MG Costellos

MkII GT-driving and regular Gathering-attendee David Wiggins has commissioned the motoring cartoonist Richard Wade to compose some cartoons of a selection of our cars outside the Abbaye d'Orval during the Ardennes Gathering: a pun around the theme of "Abbaye and Costello", as it were. See some of Richard's work at www.richardwade-art.com.

David has generously agreed to fund the original, whilst prints - framed or not - will be offerred to sale for any Costello owner. Cost will depend on the size of the work but are expected to retail at less than 80 pounds. Ken will of course be sent one gratis, accompanied by a donation from each sale.

26th June: Plans underway for next Costello Gathering in the UK, 2011

We always endeavour to create two Gatherings per year - one in Europe in Spring and one in the UK in Autumn to attempt to provide a meeting place for as many Costellos as possible. Plans are underway for the cars to meet in Leicestershire/Rutland in late September or October. Thanks to Alison and Andrew Johnson for taking this on. More news soon....

18th June: Jurgen Hauber sends an update on the history of his Mk II Roadster

This car is the only Costello known to be on the road today which has the original 5-speed Ken Costello gearbox in place. Read more about the car on the Roadsters page.

15th June: Updates to Lawrence Wood's Mk I Roadster.

Read more about this early Roadster here...

09 June: Ardennes Gathering report now live!

Click here to read a short report on the recent gathering of 9 MG Costellos in both Namur and Spa Francorchamps.

03 June: Record attendance at the 2011 Costello Gathering in the Belgian Ardennes

In the end it was 9 MG Costellos that gathered at the majestic Chateau Namur in the Ardennes region of Belgium. Two further Costello owners also arrived in modern vehicles - unable to bring their own respective GT and Roadster. A full report and gallery of photographs will be uploaded in a few days time. Thanks once again to Ben, Pierre and Lawrence for organising this successful weekend.

19th May: Peter Brodt - owner of TWO Costellos!

As if owning one of these fabulous cars is not enough, Peter has just bought James Ostler's black MkII Roadster. This car will be expatriated to Germany where it will sit alongside Peter's other Costello - a MkI GT. Congratualtions to both James and Peter on the sale and we look forward to seeing the GT in Belgium in a couple of weeks' time.

18th May: Costello Roadster to feature in David Knowles' new book.

Lawrence Wood's MkI Roadster will be featuring in a photo shoot at Beaulieu, UK, on the 27th May as part of a new publication by David Knowles (published by Crowood Press) on the history of the MG V8. Lawrence will then have to drive from Beaulieu across Britain to Folkestone to catch a train to the Ardennes for the annual Gathering - and what better car in which to do it!

17th May: Record ELEVEN Costellos gathering in Belgium.

A new record will be set on the 28th May when eleven Costellos will meet in Namur, Belgium for a weekend of driving, beer tasting and lapping of the Spa Francorchamps F1 circuit. This number of Costellos represents more than were at the other Gatherings in Tilford and Runswick Bay and probably represents the greatest number of cars gathered together at one time - even when the Costello Engineering workshops were at full capacity in the early 1970s. Keep an eye on this website in early June for a full report and plenty of great photographs.

05 April: Ardennes Gathering popularity soaring!

Some 8 Costellos are now confirmed as attending our Gathering in the Ardennes region of Belgium. Pierre Damiron has also succeeded in finding allocated Club parking for us to show our cars at the Spa Classic on the Sunday. We also hope to be able to drive the Formula One circuit itself as part of some parade laps! Sign up now by emailing Lawrence Wood - please also let him know the number of passengers in your Costello..

02 March: Another TWO Costellos join the site.

Please take a look at both Steve Minns' Racing Green GT - which perhaps we will see in Belgium at the Costello Gathering in May - and Bodo Aden's German restoration project, which we won't! Ken Costello has recently authenticated the latter as one of his own and the car is currently being re-shelled and completely rebuilt.

07 February: Another Costello sold...

Roger Anderson has purchased Chris Ward's fabulous MkI GT. Fresh from restoration this car is looking as good as new, and can be found gracing the streets of coastal Kent. Take a look in the GTs section.

27th January: Coupes de Printemps, Autodrome de Monthlery, Paris, France - Saturday 26th March.

This friendly track-day will use the 3.3-kilometre track, which includes the banking and its three chicanes. A French Costello owner has been in touch with the organiser, Flavien Marcais - a noted classic racer - who is happy to open this event to Costello owners. Click here to download the application form, where explanations are in both French and English. Payment is possible via bank wire. In case of assistance contact Flavien via email.

To take part and drive this legendary circuit, you must revert directly to Flavien for individual confirmations. The event starts at 0800 and is located 20/30 km south of Paris. To date, three Costellos (2 from UK) are registered. Hope to see you there!

26th January: Details for 2011 Costello Gathering Announced - 28th to 30th May.

This year will see a (hopefully!) record number of Costellos gather in the Ardennes forest, Belgium. We will be meeting in the town of Namur and driving to the Gaume region, including  a visit to the Orval abbey for a beer and some cheese tasting. Further details will be forthcoming in April. There will also be a bag of goodies and a plaque to commemorate the occasion for all participants!

24th January: Pierre Damiron purchases Stephane Vanoverschelde's white GT

Pierre and Claire Damiron have been in touch with news of their purchase of Stephane's Old English White restored GT. This is a popular Costello, residing in Northern France, and enjoyed an appearance at the Champagne Gathering in May 2010. Read about Claire's purchase in the GT section.

22nd January: Watch Out for Octane!

The next issue of this great magazine carries a splendid seven page spread on Ken Costello and three of his creations - Andrew Johnson's MGC, Roger Cook's Mk III GT and Lawrence Wood's Mk I Roadster. Well worth ordering from your newsagent!

— — 2010 News ——

03 December 2010: Ken's Christmas Present

Some 23 Certificates of Authenticity have now been sold to MG Costello owners which has resulted in a cheque sent to Ken Costello for £320. Lawrence would like to thank Andrew Johnson for the idea, Roger Cook for the graphics and to you all for showing such support. There are of course plenty left so please do come forward with your chassis number and date of first registration to claim your own personalised and signed Certificate - email Lawrence for more details.

19 November: Certificates of Authentication selling fast.

Signed by Ken Costello, these individualised and security-tagged certificates should be a part of every Costello history file - and to date have been selling fast. There are plenty left so do get in touch with Lawrence if you wish to have one. More details from 11th October news entry below.

16 November: Another Dutch Costello Discovered

Hans Tabak from Rotterdam has been in touch since discovering this website. He is owner of a MK II GT. He has submitted a few photographs though more are imminent. Read more on the GTs page.

11 October: Certificates of Authenticity Now Available.

With the market price of genuine Costellos on the rise, a number of owners have asked whether it would be possible to have some means of confirming the provenance of their cars - this website aside. Well now you can. Every Costello registered on the website is eligible for a rather handsome certificate, hot off the presses, authorised by Ken and complete with a numbered security hologram. The cost is £25 each and details of cars (including a copy of your V5 or equivalent) will be required in advance. Lawrence is the man to contact.

11 October: Commemorative Gathering Plaques.

The stylish plaques commissioned by Richard Fairclough for the North Yorkshire Heather Run were much admired. As a result, retrospectively, similar plaques for the first two gatherings - in Surrey and France - have now been produced. You can have one of these collector's items for the cost price, which is £10 Including postage, by contacting Lawrence. The plaques are 40cm at their widest point and 5mm think, set on strong black plastic.

06 October: Plans for Gatherings in 2011 - Check your diaries!

Plans are afoot to collect together as many Costello MGs as possible in the Ardennes region of Belgium, across the weekend of the 28/29/30 May 2011. This is a public holiday weekend in the UK so hopefully this will be attractive to some of the British-based Costello owners. A second event is being researched and would see Costellos meet at the Montlhery banked circuit outside Paris, France, sometime in late March.

14 September: First Dutch Costello discovered

Thanks to Charles Marchant (brother of Oliver Marchant who is restoring a Mk I GT) who was browsing YouTube recently, a Costello GT has been discovered in a village in The Netherlands. Read about this interesting re-bodied Mk I much-rallied GT around which Ken once mowed his lawn! Lambiek Engelaar, the new owner, is very proud to be part of the Costello community.  Visit his YouTube page here and read more in the profile on this car on the Racers page.

07 September: Another Enjoyable Gathering of Costello MGs.

This time in North Yorkshire, with good company, fabulous weather and spectacular scenery. Read all about it on the new Yorkshire Gathering page.

02 September: Site Updates

Patsy Turl's Roadster page has now been updated to reflect recent new information on this car. Read more about it on the Roadsters page but also on a dedicated page for this fascinating car. Roger Barker's agressive-looking GT has now moved to the Restorations page from the Where Are They Now? list.

There will be 7 Costellos gathering on the North Yorkshire Moors this weekend in this, the third gathering of our unique cars. Ken Costello will be attending, and all cars will be "shown" on a dedicated stage at the MGOC North Yorkshire event at Sledmere House on the Sunday 5th. Keep an eye on the site for photographs of the event.

Lawrence will bring the two remaining eggbox grilles with him in case he spots a chance of a sale!

02 August: NEW! Costellos For Sale webpage

This section lists all the Costellos currently for sale. Though the cars featured are the genuine article, mgcostello.com cannot be responsible for the accuracy of the descriptions or the true condition of the cars. Negotiations should be carried out direct with the vendor, but initial contact can be made via the site where necessary.

01 August: MG Enthusiast Article available.

In the most recent edition of MG Enthusiast Magazine, read here about Brian Davey's restoration of his GT. Note: In response to the article Lawrence wrote to the editor and as a result won the Letter of the Month prize. Download a copy of that page by clicking on this link.

07 July: Another Costello is found in New Zealand - and it's for sale!

A second New Zealand-based Costello has come to light. It's a Mk II Roadster (currently on offer from local specialists Autoclassics) and is awaiting a new owner - perhaps someone anyone wishing to bring the car back to the UK, or maybe a keen New Zealander wanting to enjoy some classic V8 power. Read more about it our new Costellos For Sale section or follow the link above to the vendor's website. Ross Church would be happy to hear from you.

28 June: Costello Gathering 2010 location announced.

UK-based (and some European-based Cotello owners) will be pleased to hear the dates and location for the next Costello Gathering are now official. We will meet across the weekend of the 4th/5th September near the Whitby area of Yorkshire. Full details will come to light and be posted here as soon as they are finalised. Ken Costello has already committed to attend in his Mk I recreation GT. At least 4 other cars are also signed. If you need more details, or wish to show your support and join in the weekend, please let Lawrence know.

25 June: Another batch of Costello eggbox grilles manufactured.

Due to popular demand, and no doubt as a reflection of the quality of these laser-cut reporduction units, another 5 grilles have been ordered from the workshops. One is already pre-sold to Jurgen Kuhnle in Germany, the other four are still available. Get in touch with Lawrence if you wish to purchase one, but please remember - these grilles are only being sold to recognised Costello owners.

01 June: Champagne Gathering Full report now online

Navigate to the new Costello Gatherings page to read more about the recent get-together of four GTs and two Roadsters in Epernay, Northern France. The story is accompanied by nearly 200 superb photographs of the event. Thanks to Benjamin Mullaert, Peter Brodt, Thierry Denant and Lawrence Wood for sending in their images. And of course, many thanks to Thierry for organising it all so well.

25 May: Costellos in Champagne - a great success!

Six Costellos made it to Epernay this weekend to enjoy two days of glorious sunshine, driving the open roads and the rolling vineyard-draped hills. Taking in some champagne sampling (and purchases!), tasty lunches and a sumptuous dinner in the shadows of l'Abbaye de Dom Perignon, all cars and drivers completed the trip without any problems. We're very grateful to Thierry Denant for planning the route and selecting the eating stops, and to Peter Brodt, Ben Mullaert, Jean-Louis Beaurin and Stephane Vanoverschelde for taking part and making the event so enjoyable. Oh, and well done to the wives and girlfriends for being so patient with us!

17 May: Roger Cook's 5000cc Mk III back on the road.

Roger's fabulous and unique Mk III GT is now back from the garage with its uprated 8-port injected engine working perfectly. Take a look at this car's profile on the GT page with new pictures, and more details on the specifications on the Technical pages. More pictures may also be viewed in the Gallery.

13 May: Last of the Eggbox Grilles Sold.

There are now no reproduction eggbox grilles left to purchase, the last going to Richard Fairclough and his lovely roadster "Elvis". If you still desire one of these fabulous laser-cut items, more may be manufactured dependent upon demand.

13 May: Another Costello For Sale!

This Connaught Green, Mk II rubber bumper Roadster, registered MGB 88V, has had renewed life breathed into it by Peter Collis of Devon Classic Cars - Peter has recently completed a fabulous restoration of Brian Davey's GT. The car was first registered LAC 541P in August 1975, subsequently becoming MGB 88V in January 1980. The previous owner confirms this car is a Costello and remembers that he personally took it to Ken's Kent premises for repair and servicing work during his ownership. The vehicle is now MOT'd and ready for sale, for a guide price of £15,000. More details from: www.devonclassiccars.com, or you can phone Peter direct on 01548 832393. There are more details to be found, with pictures, in the Roadsters section.

11 May: Details of the Costello Gathering in France now set and available.

The first of hopefully two gatherings of Costello cars in 2010 is now finalised with plans put in place. So far 7 cars are registered (all from the Continent, bar one). We will meet in Epernay, enjoy a tour of one of the famous Champagne cellars, dinners and lunches in Avize and Hautvilliers, and some great driving on the clear open roads following the Route Touristique de Champagne. For more details regarding this get-together on 22nd May, please contact Lawrence or Thierry Denant.

10 May: Last of the reproduction Costello grilles available.

We now have one more of the laser-cut, matt black Costello eggbox grilles available for sale. As ever, we insist these are only sold to Costello owners to maintain authenticity. Of course, if demand increases, more can be manufactured in limited numbers once more.

19 January: The French Costello contingent grows by one.

Gerry Wadman's red Mk II Roadster now has a new owner in the south of France. See Jean-Pierre Giron's entry.

17 January: Yet another Costello comes to light.

This one is a Mk III fuel-injected roadster, pinpointed when it came up for sale on the auction website eBay, earlier this month. Purchased by Juergen Kuhnle, more details and pictures are to be found in the Restorations section.

Racer John Kemp (Adelaide, Australia) has sent in a useful spreadsheet which calculates your car's gearing and displays (by selecting the appropriate tab) road speed in relation to rpm. John says it's "quite useful for working out up-change points and whether or not your differential ratio is appropriate, amongst other things". Try it for yourself by downloading it from here.

15 January: Costello Calendar available for download.

This year's Costello calendar is now ready for download. As you'll see, it's a very slick piece of work from Costello owner John Kemp from Adelaide, Australia.

If you like what he has done and are interested in availing yourselves of his graphical services - anything upwards from a Christmas card featuring your car - he is happy to oblige for what he describes as "a modest fee". Please contact John direct at jke17923@bigpond.net.au.

6 January: Another Costello GT discovered.

Phil Rule found MGCostello.com whilst snowed-in in Surrey. He owns a red MkII GT which currently sits in his garage, patiently awaiting restoration. Read more about it on the Restorations page.

5 January: Costello V8 Calendars almost ready for download.

John Kemp in Adelaide, Australia has kindly put together a 2010 calendar, using various striking images of our cars. This should be ready very soon. Watch this space.

— — 2009 News ——

27 December 2009: Re-vamped, Updated Website Launched.

Using new software, the site has been thoroughly overhauled and is now more informative, better to look at and easier to use. We hope you enjoy it

20 December: Swiss treasure sighted.

Another Costello has come to light in Switzerland. Some more details can be found in the Where Are They Now section

5 December: The new grilles are in!

Five more reproduction, laser-cut, black eggbox grilles are available for despatch. Get in touch with Lawrence if you fancy one. Don't forget - you will need the MGB MkII black recessed grille and chrome surrounds to complete the installation. Note: These grilles are only available to proven Costello V8 owners.

01 December: Brake Upgrade Update.

The SD1 front caliper for solid discs, as used in an upgrade devised by Ken in the 70s (and covered in some detail in the TechTalk With Ken section) is now available new from Rimmer Bros, who have re-imported a consignment of SD1 parts originally shipped to India. They're a real find and very keenly priced too! Click on the link above and navigate to the Rover SDI India Bargains section. You will be looking for part numbers BAU 5125/5126. Note: You will also require suitable brake pads and four, late Triumph GT6 shouldered mounting bolts - Rimmer Bros part number 158713. Please note that you will need V8 specification discs and that clearance problems may preclude the use of this calliper with some 14" wheels.

20 November: Bad News/Good News from France.

Thierry Denant, whose car suffered a failed fuel pump which ended his attempt to attend the inaugural gathering had yet more bad luck. After five enjoyable years of totally reliable running, he had a catastrophic engine failure. Without sufficient funds (he thought) to replace the engine, he was considering selling his car as a non-runner. Now, via this website, he has acquired a new SD1 engine at an affordable price - and he'll be keeping his beloved blue GT.

19 November: Costello Roadster For Sale!

It doesn't happen often, but a genuine Costello has just come on the market at Sussex Sportscars. This bright red, 1971 registered roadster is now owned by Gerry Wadman (See Roadsters) who acquired it when the previous owner decided on a change to an open four-seater classic. The car was produced as a one-off shortly after the original 1971-72 production run and comes with a signed sales invoice from 1987, when it was re-sold by Ken, who particularly remembers it. Email the dealer via their website for details, or 'phone them on 01273 477778.

16 November: Yet another Costello discovered.

This one is a 1976 LHD roadster in race trim, owned by Guy Verhofstadt - the former Belgian Prime Minister! More details in the Racers section.

12 November: Another Costello discovered.

Another Costello has been unearthed in Germany. The car belongs to Heinz Arndt in Berlin, and the detective work was done by fellow Costello owner Peter Brodt. More details in the Roadsters section.

05 November: 5 more new grilles to be made - and 10 more badges.

Get in touch with Lawrence if you would like to have one of these top quality, laser-cut, eggbox grille recreations, or one of the new Costello (Mk III) V8 badges in engraved stainless steel.

29 October: Inaugural Gathering in the Press.

Our Inaugural Gathering is highlighted in two publications - this month's Octane and MG Enthusiast magazines.

20 October: New Costello article.

Thanks to Richard Fairclough from Harrogate for sending in this article from Sporting News (November 1983). You can download it from the Articles section.

19 October: New section 'TechTalk with Ken'.

During the Inaugural Gathering of Costello cars in September, Ken was politely quizzed by enthusiastic owners seeking his advice on various technical aspects of their cars. The questions were noted and the answers have since been further augmented by Ken. All the additional detail given has meant that they have now been transferred to a new webpage of their own: TechTalk with Ken. The earlier questions posed to Ken via email have been moved from the Technical Section to this new page. The TechTalk page also includes details on the two MGC Ken re-worked in the early 1970s. Take a look at Andrew Johnson's example in the Restorations section, and at further pictures in the Gallery. Mgcostello.com has received outline details on the second Australian Costello (this one a Roadster), from Richard Read and eagerly await pictures.

18 September: More new recruits to mgcostello.com

One of only two MGCs to become a Costello has surfaced, and its owner Andrew Johnson has been in touch with details of his car - read more in the Restorations section. Chris Ward from Cornwall has made contact and identified his car as the ex-Paul Denton, Mk1 Racing Green GT, as previously seen in the Where Are They Now section. Richard Read from Adelaide, South Australia has submitted outline details of his Costello roadster, thereby doubling the total number of known Costellos in Australia...to two! Have a look on the Restorations page.

14 September: New recruit to mgcostello.com

Patsy Turl has been in touch with additional details of her car. It is already registered on the Roadsters page, but will now be accompanied by some more recent history for us to enjoy reading.

05 September: Inaugural Gathering a Success!

The first ever gathering of Ken Costello's ground breaking version of the MGBV8 took place today on the green at the well known petrolheads' pub, The Barley Mow at Tilford in Surrey.

More than a quarter of those Costellos already traced via this website turned up on Saturday and, with Ken himself present, the day was voted an outstanding success and one to be repeated next year, with yet more Costellos pledged to attend.

Enjoy the Inaugural Gathering page, celebrating the first get-together of as many Costellos as possible. Please feel free to submit your own pictures of the event.

04 September: Costellos in Classic & Sportscar, October edition.

Grab a copy and turn to page 42 and read about Lawrence's story of how this website began and is fast becoming the definitive source on all things Costello.

03 September: Great news!

To celebrate Ken's achievements (and Saturday's event) Frontline Costello, who currently make and distribute all Costello products, will now give a 10% discount to all those registered on this website.

01 September: Last call for the Costello get-together.

A final reminder for our inaugural gathering of Costello cars. The meeting will take place from 10am onwards on Saturday, 5th September at the Barley Mow pub, Tilford, Surrey. All details of the location can be found at the pub's website. Owner Charlie is looking forward to hosting us and will be opening the kitchens early to feed the hungry gathering. Following a pub lunch, those who have time can join in a drive of about 60 miles across the beautiful rolling South Downs of West Sussex, ending at another quintessentially English pub in Lurgashall. More details for the route are available from Lawrence. Looking forward to meeting you there!

30 August: All badges and grilles are now sold out!

Many thanks to those of you who took the opportunity to purchase these items. Hopefully, they are adding that authentic Costello-look to your own car.

11 August: New badges Available.

The V8 Costello badges will be available for purchase from the 14th August. Please note that these are the MkII badges designed by Ken in the early 1980s but never put into production. This is logo you see at the top of each page on this website.  As with the reproduction grilles, a limited number have been made in order to maintain authenticity and rarity. If you wish to purchase one, please contact Lawrence.

10 August: New recruits to mgcostello.com and more lost Costellos.

Richard White has introduced himself as the owner of the car in the black and white photo from the 1971 Sunday Times article 'A Tiger in MGs Clothing'. It now sports a more standard MGB bonnet; we await to hear more on his restoration project. Michel Loreille's heavily modified, Sebring-bodied road racer is shown on the Racers page. We hope to get more information on this car soon. Seen in the Where Are They Now? section, can you help identify or locate the three new cars here? Chris Harris' --C 310J, Bob Farquarson's old 66 UFC and lastly SGN 763L, which is pictured patiently awaiting its V8 transplant outside the original Costello Engineering workshop.

5 July: First ever Costello Gathering announced.

The first ever Costello gathering is set for Saturday 5th September. We will meet outside The Barley Mow pub in the picturesque and quintessentially English village of Tilford, near Farnham in Surrey. It is known for its links with ex-Formula One drivers, period-drama TV series and for its lovely setting. We will park as many Costellos as possible opposite the pub, next to the cricket pitch. Octane magazine will be present to cover the event for us, so we hope you can make it.

3 July: The grilles are in!

At long last, after a few iterations, much tweaking, fettling, and several trips across the UK to the workshop, the 10 reproduction Costello eggbox grilles are now ready for despatch. They look fabulous - finished in matt black, perfectly square and with two bolt holes drilled on the top panel which line up perfectly with the holes on the black recessed Leyland grille - which you will also need and into which the eggbox fits. The eggbox unit comes with two brackets, but no bolts or washers are included. Get in touch with Lawrence if you wish to purchase one.

The fabulous looking GT in the Where are they Now? section, taken from the book "Les Belles Anglaises", turns out to be Stefan Wagner's car! Stefan was pleased to see his vehicle in its original state and this has spurred him into hurrying along his restoration project. The pictures are now in the Gallery.

5th June: New recruits.

Andrew Tasker's LTD 828K has resurfaced following a successful advert for this website in Enjoying MG. The new owner, Laurie Way has completely transformed the car, now clothed in a Sebring kit with many new additions. Read about it in the GT section. Judith Goertz was successful in purchasing Dave Fitzpatrick's Harvest Gold GT, once advertised on this site. Judith has therefore become the 5th Costello owner in France. In the Where are they Now? section, Thierry Denant has sent us pictures taken from a book 'Les Belles Anglaises' - has anyone seen this fabulous looking Costello GT?

10 May: The Lost Costellos

Having interrogated the email addresses of every MG Owner's Club site in the world, mgcostello.com’s search for the remaining few Costello conversions now extends to those spotted on Internet searches, in magazine articles, and those seen at Rallies, Runs and Meetings around the world. Listed in the new Where are They Now? section, with copyright attributed where possible, are cars we are trying to trace. Have you seen any of them? Perhaps you could help in finding their whereabouts and their owners? It would be great to bring these cars to the mgcostello.com site, as there cannot be many more out there to find now.

Meanwhile, we welcome Brian Perry's fabulous and very late MkII Roadster to the site. It is a popular car around the Harrogate area and clearly a competition winner, as the photographs testify. James Ostler has now sent some additional details on his late MkII and Stephane Vanoverschelde has provided more details of his almost finished restoration project. Finally, Peter Brodt has sent in pictures of his fabulous uprated engine bay. All can be seen in their relevant profiles and in the Gallery.

01 May: More Costellos join mgcostello.com.

Several new cars have been added today following an afternoon of emailing every MG club in the UK and Europe in an attempt to find more Costellos. So enjoy reading about Alun Evan's concours-winning GT (also featured in the "Hidden Talent" article), and browse pictures in the Gallery and on the Roadster and GT pages of the cars belonging to James Ostler (R), Patsy Turle (R), Mike Holman (GT), John Hurst (GT), Mark Vine (GT), and Michael Pearce (GT).

24 April: Ken's car registered to the site; New Forum and Gallery pages added.

The genius behind all of our cars here has now signified his approval by registering his own black GT. Take a look at the GT page for more details. A Forum section has now been added. This is obviously in its infancy - so register, login and start adding some discussion threads about anything you like that is Costello-related. Let's see how it progresses. The Gallery section has now been updated to use the Google Picasa facility - so there are now many more pictures for you to browse and enjoy.

10th January 2009: Yet More Costellos join mgcostello.com

Helen Massey has been in touch with details of her recently reviewed Jasper Blue Roadster. It has been featured in Classic Cars magazine (October 2008) and in January's edition of MG Enthusiast. Michael Morris' son Johnathan has submitted details of his father's planned restoration project on an old GT Costello racer. The mystery of whatever happened to Dave Michel's lovely black Roadster from Indianapolis has been solved. It is now owned by Sven Neilsen in Denmark. Finally, read Stefan Wagner's story of how it took 10 years before his dream of owning a Costello finally bore fruit. A restoration is underway and his pictures show the challenge ahead!

— — 2008 News ——

6th October 2008: Upgraded website goes on line.

Tim Fenna from Frontline Costello has been in touch and we will organise reciprocal links to each other's sites very soon. Several articles have been recently published regarding Costello V8s - including one in a recent UK-based motoring magazine. Once we have permission from the publishers, this and other articles may be posted on this site.

In the meantime, we do already have an excellent selection of honest and accurate articles on the Costello. Take a look in the Articles section. Peter Hollis from South Africa and Roger Cook from the UK have been in touch with details for their Costello GTs. See more details in the GT section.

22nd August 2008: Costellos in the Public Eye

Gary Watson of Roadster Productions, Houston, Texas has successfully finished compiling and editing his suite of short films on the British car industry, choosing to include still images from this website in the section on Leyland and the introduction of the V8 engine. Ron Macauley and Harry Irvine sent mgcostello.com photographs of their cars and permission to use them.

Paula Summers explains how she came to acquire what could be the best surviving, lowest mileage Costello GT in existence. Alan Worth from London, UK has some photographs of his Costello GT at a drag race, and a story about how he nearly bought an E-Type Jaguar instead!

9th March: New Costello Discoveries!

Harry Irvine has submitted great photos of his stunning red Costello. Based in Leicestershire, Harry has lovingly cared for his 1970 roadster, and you can read more about it in the Roadsters section. Ron McAulay contacted us all the way from Wanaka in New Zealand. His roadster carries some later modifications but is still very much an original Costello. Stefan Wagner, in Bavaria, tells us of his fascinating story of how he came to own a right-hand-drive Costello GT in Germany.

10th January:

Garry Heath has been in touch with details of his MKII GT, which he raced in 2003 and 2004. From Adelaide, South Australia, John Kemp has sent pictures of his GT being pushed hard at Sandown Raceway. The first mgcostello.com website is launched - with an appeal for all owners of surviving Costello V8s to get in touch. Early responses are promising.



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